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More than 6 weeks have completed so far and I have completed modernizing and testing most of the modules of python-casacore till now.

Coming to the bug, I talked about in my last post, by playing around a bit with the tables modules, I realized that, as tableiter is also a table itself, it needs to be closed before closing the actual table in which it was used. It ran fine with python2, So, I didn’t know about it before. So, after closing the tableiter before table, the test ran perfectly fine. In the process, I found out that, there were same problems as tableiter for tablerow and tableindex. Hoping the same problem has happened with them, I used context manager to test tablerow, to ensure that it automatically closes after the block ends. But it wasn’t able to close. Again, It was happening only with python3.5 .

I have finished writing the tests, for the images module. However attrcreategroup wasn’t working. I wasn’t able to create a group. Tammojan asked me to skip that part for now. Also, he cleared my doubt regarding creating spectral coordinate. Actually, I wasn’t able to create a spectral coordinate as I was using a 2D image. For a 2D image, the two axes represent Declination and Right Ascension respectively. So, only direction coordinates can be obtained from it. On the other hand for a 3D image, the 3rd axis represents “strokes”. So, a Stokes coordinate and Direction Coordinate can be determined using it. Similarly, for a 4D image, the 4th axis represents Frequency. So, a “Spectral Coordinate”, “Stokes Coordinate” and “Direction Coordinate” can be made using a 4D image.

Also, I have finished writing the tests for fitting module. I hadn’t experienced any problem with it.

Next, I am aiming to complete quanta module and will try to maintain the OSX support for python-casacore with Travis.

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