These awesome three months of summer spent developing for python-casacore under Google Summer of Code, have filled me with great zeal and zest. The adventurous journey of thousand lines of code comes to an end. This entire project was quite informative and filled me with lots of good experiences and knowledge. I thank OpenAstronomy organization for accepting my GSoC proposal and my mentor Tammo Jan Dijkema and the community for helping me throughout this project.

As per the requirement of GSoC, this article consists of a brief description of the work i have done, and the things that could not be done, what is left to do, what are future plans of the project, links to works that were merged and links to patches that were not.

Most of the tasks mentioned in the proposal were discussed and worked upon.

Links to the major patch submissions:

Removed Compiler warnings

wrote tests and improved code quality for utils

fixed formatting and code cleanup for casacore.tables

Added tests for casacore.tables (Some parts in the tests were commented as the tests were failing due to a bug in casacore)

Added tests for casacore.functionals

Corrected formatting and code cleanup for casacore.images

Added tests for and

Improved code qualities for casacore.fitting

Added tests for casacore.fittings

Added tests and improved code quality for casacore.quanta

Improved incomplete docs

Added travis OSX support

Bonus Work

porting python bindings from using boost::python to pybind11

Forked Repository: python-casacore

The momentum gained through this project is a great moral booster for me and I wish this momentum will drive my curiosity to keep learning more in future and the open source technologies will flourish with their full potential and thrive to its zenith.

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