Hello World!

I haven’t had a nerve wracking wait for something in a long time. The results have been out and I am glad and excited to say that my project Casacore Testing has been selected under GSoC-2017.

I would like to thank my mentors, Gijs Molenaar and Tammo Jan Dijkema for helping me get started, being (really really) patient throughout my doubts and giving feedback on by proposal.

Coming to the project, Casacore is a sub-organization under OpenAstronomy . python-casacore is a set of Python bindings for casacore, which is a suite of c++ libraries for radio astronomy data processing. This project aims to improve python-casacore infrastructure, making the codebase cleaner, modern, maintainable and adding more unit tests. Here is the link to my proposal

I plan to start work early as possible so that I can get sufficient time to complete Part 1 of the project. Looking forward to working with casacore !!!

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