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It’s the completion of the 2nd week of GSoC. And as I mentioned in my last post, I have covered the tables module by now.

Let me give a quick intro of what tables module does .tables module is by far the most important part of python-casacore. Radio Antenna and radio receiver use to receive radio waves from the astronomical radio sources from the sky and generates a time series of many frequencies. The signals from these different antenna are combined by correlating them in a short time interval. If you want to know more about how the signals is correlated, you can refer to this post. Now, these data is handled in casacore via the table system and particularly, visibility data are stored in a CASA table known as a Measurement Set (MS).

I have submitted two PRs in this week, one for making the codebase clean and pythonic (PR#98) and the other is for the tests for tables module(PR#97). casacore.tables.msconcat with concatTime=False and casacore.tables.msregularizemethods are yet to be tested. Right now, the coverage of tables has been increased to around 70% and I believe that after testing the above two methods, the coverage will increase upto 80%+.

For the next week, I have planned to improve casacore.functionals, and would try to test the above two methods of tables.

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