Hello, Everyone!

It’s the completion of 1st week and in this post, I will tell you what I have done in this week and what I have planned to do in the coming weeks.

As per my timeline in the proposal, I should be removing all the compiler warnings in the first week. I didn’t get much compilation warnings other than one i.e python-casacore couldn’t find boost library “boost_python”. PR #86 fixed the warning.

Then I modified substitute.py code to look the more Pythonic. PR#89 did it. Ger van Diepen had already written much of the tests for it. So, I didn’t have to do much for it.

Now, I am dealing with casacore.tables which I had planned to do in my 3rd week. Working with the codebase, I realized that I need 2 weeks instead of one to complete this. I will be submitting the PR for casacore.tables by the end of this week.

The new version of casacore got released and some of my old PRs which were failing on Casacore-2.0 (as the fix in FunctionalProxy::setmasks (PR casacore/casacore#327, 11-Mar-2016) was not available in casacore-2.0) got merged.

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